Education Correction


January 17, 2006 1 min read

The 2006 edition of Education Week’s annual Quality Counts report, published Jan. 5, included incorrect information on national education spending levels in 1993-94 and changes in those figures over time in the State of the States section on Page 76. The statement on per-pupil spending should read have read: “Adjusted for inflation, it was $6,633 in 1993-94 and rose to $8,041 in 2002-03, a 21 percent increase.”

In the same report, the “Resources: Spending” table on Page 98 contained erroneous information. Data in the column titled “Percent of U.S. average,” representing each state’s adjusted per-pupil spending as a percent of the U.S. average, were calculated incorrectly. Correct information is available online.

The report also did not give Louisiana credit in the School Climate section on Pages 92 and 94 for including information about parent involvement or school safety on its school report cards. Because Louisiana’s 2003-04 school report cards do report such information, the state should receive credit for both indicators. The change raises the state’s grade from a C-minus to a C in that section. The online version has been updated to reflect the change.