December 03, 2003 1 min read

An article about the No Child Left Behind Act in the Nov. 19, 2003, issue of Education Week (“English Proficiency Can Take a While in State ESEA Plans”) misquoted Christine H. Rossell, a political science professor at Boston University. The quotation should have read: “The No Child Left Behind Act is political hyperbole. It’s like Lyndon Johnson saying ‘I’m going to eliminate poverty.’ Obviously you can’t eliminate poverty in a free society, but it sounds good.”

The same article inaccurately said that states can lose part of their Title I and Title III funding under the federal law if they don’t meet their goals for English-language learners. The article should have noted that states can lose some Title I aid for failing to meet certain procedural requirements.

An article about mold in the On Assignment section of the same issue (

) should have stated that Susan Burke returned to her job as school nurse for Lower Pottsgrove Elementary School after her lawsuit with the district was settled and after the school moved to a new facility.