Education Report Roundup

College Payoff

By Vaishali Honawar — April 05, 2005 1 min read

People with a bachelor’s degree earned almost twice as much as those with just a high school diploma, according to data for 2003 released last week by the U.S. Census Bureau.

“Educational Attainment in the United States,” can be found online from the U.S. Census Bureau.

Employees with a four-year college degree earned an average of $51,206 that year, while those with a high school diploma earned only $27,915. Workers with an advanced degree made an average of $74,602, and those without a high school diploma averaged $18,734.

White men with bachelor’s degrees had the highest salaries—an average of $66,000 in 2003.

Black and Asian-American women with college degrees made more money than their white female counterparts. While a college-educated woman of Asian descent made $43,700 in 2003 and a college-educated African-American woman made $41,000, a white woman with a bachelor’s degree typically earned $37,800.