Capital Update

November 07, 1990 1 min read

Capital Update tracks the movement of legislation, the introduction of notable bills, and routine regulatory announce ments.

Legislative Action

Asbestos Abatement

S 1893
The Congress on Oct. 26 gave final ap proval to a bill extending the grant and loan program for school-asbestos control.

Copyright Immunity

H R 3045
The Congress on Oct. 26 passed a bill to strip public schools and other state entities of immunity from copyright suits.

Drug Education

S 3266
The Congress on Oct. 27 passed an anti- crime bill that would expand drug-educa tion programs and drug-free school zones.

Environmental Education Act

S 3176
The Congress on Oct. 26 passed a bill to create an office of environmental educa tion within the Environmental Protec tion Agency.

Federal Budget

Child Care

HR 5257, HR 5835
The Congress on Oct. 26 cleared HR 5257, a spending bill that provides an 11 percent increase for ED, and HR 5835, a budget-reconciliation bill that includes child-care legislation and deficit-reduc tion provisions.

Homeless Children

HR 3789, S 2863
The Congress on Oct. 26 adopted a bill to extend the Stewart B. McKinney Home less Assistance Act through 1993.

Math and Science Education

HR 996
The Congress on Oct. 26 approved legis lation to create a variety of mathematics- and science-education programs.

Taft Institute

S 1939
The Congress on Oct. 27 authorized fed eral funding for the Taft Institute, which organizes seminars on government for precollegiate teachers.

Special Education

S 1824
President Bush on Oct. 30 signed into law the Education of the Handicapped Amendments Act of 1990.

Youth Service

S 650
The Congress on Oct. 27 gave final approval to a measure to encourage school- age children and young adults to take part in community-service programs.

A version of this article appeared in the November 07, 1990 edition of Education Week as Capital Update