Are Salaries Better in New Jersey?

October 19, 2007 1 min read

I am currently a teacher in Buffalo, N.Y. and am considering relocating to northern New Jersey in the next few years. I am very interested in information about salaries for teachers with six to eight years’ experience and a master’s degree in secondary English education.

Thank you,
Mrs. Valerie Lindsay

Hello Valerie,

New Jersey is recognized for paying its teachers well. Go to the New Jersey school report card, where you can search for salary information by district.

For the most accurate answer to questions as specific as yours, however, relating to exact salaries based on years of experience and degrees achieved, your best bet is to contact individual school districts and ask them for their teacher salary schedules. This is public information, so you should be able to obtain it without much difficulty.

Agent K-12 now accepts questions about finding jobs in education. Our Web site is dedicated to providing job seekers with top school openings. E-mail to have your questions answered by an expert in the school recruitment field.

To access a nice directory of all New Jersey schools and school districts with relevant contact information go to the New Jersey State Department of Education Web site.

Good luck with your plans to relocate.

This answer, provided by Dr. Dawn Scheffner Jones, online education and health advisor for career services at Northern Illinois University, is intended for informational purposes only. Opinions are solely those of the participants.