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Alabama to Produce Sportsmanship Guide

By David J. Hoff — December 06, 2005 1 min read

Starting next spring, Alabama high school coaches and athletic directors will have new resources to help improve sportsmanship and curtail steroid use among athletes.

The state will finance a $118,000 project in which the Alabama High School Athletic Association will offer a Web-based program that offers advice on topics such as dealing with confrontational parents and teaching students to show respect to officials. The program also will include a section on how to recognize and stop steroid use.

The resources are being developed by Learning Through Sports, a Birmingham, Ala.-based publisher of online and multimedia curricular materials.

The project is financed by the state’s character education program. In October, Alabama purchased Learning Through Sports’ elementary curriculum for 4th graders, as part of a $250,000 project.