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2009 State Technology Reports - About This Report

March 24, 2009 1 min read

About This Report

This 2009 National Technology Report is a supplement to the 12th edition of Technology Counts, a joint project of Education Week and the Editorial Projects in Education Research Center. The policy data come from the EPE Research Center’s 2008 summer survey of states about their K-12 educational technology policies in the areas of use and capacity. In past years, Technology Counts has also incorporated external data to report on access to technology across the states. This year, in the absence of updated state-by-state access data, the print edition of the report drops this category from the Technology Leadership framework and reports only on national trends in this area. However, the National Technology Report continues to display the most recent national data on access to technology as a carryover from last year’s reporting.

The report assigns separate grades to the nation for its technology performance in each of the three indicator categories, but does not calculate a summative grade. Technology Counts 2009 explores the increasing demand for online-learning programs as its special theme. Accordingly, this report integrates some national-level data on online-learning programs. Read the full Technology Counts 2009 report.

Editorial Projects in Education Research Center
March 2009

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