Special Report

Technology Counts 2020: Coronavirus, Virtual Learning, and Beyond

June 3, 2020
Special Report v39 TC Cover Jori Bolton
The massive, systemwide move to remote learning over the past few months created huge frustrations for educators. Those sentiments showed up in the results from surveys conducted by the EdWeek Research Center and in Education Week’s reporting. Teacher morale dropped, student engagement was down, and budget cutting plans were already starting.
But, at the same time, by necessity, K-12 educators across the country upgraded their tech skills faster than ever before. What impact will those newfound technology and virtual teaching skills have on K-12 education when school buildings reopen? And could the increased use of technology heighten already big concerns about data privacy and students spending too much time in front of screens?
This issue of Technology Counts tackles those kinds of questions in an effort to help K-12 school district leaders, principals, and teachers tackle the technological challenges they will face in the year ahead.