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Lemonade Stands, Version 2.0: Growing the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs

August 1, 2018 6:16

Lemonade stands call up nostalgic visions of kids handing out paper cups in front of their house on a hot summer day for pocket change. You don’t picture children creating business plans, applying for startup loans, or scoping out locations. But that’s the kind of entrepreneurial thinking organizations like Lemonade Day are supporting in dozens of cities across the U.S. The effort stems from a concern that schools don’t notice or nurture business skills… like being comfortable taking risks or bouncing back from failure. So nonprofits are stepping in to grow the next generation of entrepreneurs—one glass of lemonade at a time. Education Week Correspondent Kavitha Cardoza reports for PBS NewsHour from Indianapolis … a city that enthusiastically embraces the concept.

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