A Pi Day for the Ages

By Liana Loewus — March 16, 2015 1 min read
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The New York Times dubbed it “the Pi Day of the century.” Mashable called it “singularly the most perfect Pi Day that will ever happen in your lifetime.”

On Saturday, 3/14/15, at 9:26:53am, the clock aligned to represent the first 10 digits of pi: 3.141592653.

That won’t happen again until a hundred years from now.

Some celebrated the famous irrational number—the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter—with a day’s worth of events at the Exploratorium in San Francisco (which founded the celebration of Pi Day in 1988) and others by, well, eating some pie.

Still others celebrated in conjunction with Albert Einstein’s birthday, which was also March 14.

Here’s a roundup of noteworthy Pi Day tweets:

And don’t feel too bad if you missed out on this year’s special festivities. As some have pointed out, next year Pi Day falls on 3/14/16—or 3.14159 rounded to the nearest ten thousandth.

Photo: Catherine Gewertz for CurvyMama Pies

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A version of this news article first appeared in the Curriculum Matters blog.