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Insights into promoting academic gains in skills and knowledge for all students
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Student Achievement What the Research Says One Way to Accelerate Student Learning? Set More Challenging Goals
A learning acceleration model helped students perform on grade level after being years behind, study finds
Sarah D. Sparks, August 23, 2023
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Mathematics Project Quiz: U.S. Students Struggle With These Math Concepts. Do You?
Test your knowledge of math concepts, and then see how U.S. students fared.
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Student Well-Being How After-School Programs Can Support Students' Academic and Social-Emotional Needs
Two experts discuss the role of after-school programming in developing students' academic and social skills.
Lauraine Langreo, June 8, 2023
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English-Language Learners U.S. English Learners' Language-Proficiency Scores Still Below Pre-Pandemic Years
A new analysis of English learner language-proficiency test results shows the pandemic's outsized impact.
Ileana Najarro, April 18, 2023
4 min read
Student Achievement Live Online Discussion A Seat at the Table: How Can We Maximize Student Learning?
Host Peter DeWitt and John Hattie discuss how to deepen student learning while allowing students to pursue their academic interests.
November 2, 2022
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Student Achievement Letter to the Editor Students Need High-Dosage Tutoring
Education must address the crisis of illiteracy, writes the co-founder and CEO of Beyond Basics.
November 1, 2022
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Teaching Opinion Why I Tell Students to Imitate Other People
Copy-pasting what you admire isn’t by definition cheating, writes psychologist
Angela Duckworth. Here’s when imitation leads to learning.
Angela Duckworth, October 26, 2022
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Student Achievement Digging Deeper Into the Stark Declines on NAEP: 5 Things to Know
What the national assessment can—and can’t—illuminate about the effects of the past two pandemic years.
Sarah Schwartz, September 2, 2022
9 min read
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Student Achievement Students' Math and Reading Plummet, Erasing Years of Gains, National Assessment Finds
It's a perfect storm of bad news: Student achievement plummeted, and the declines were greatest among the most vulnerable students.
Sarah Schwartz, September 1, 2022
4 min read
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Teaching Letter to the Editor Looping Is a Must for Student Achievement
A teacher praises the benefits of looping in this letter to the editor.
August 23, 2022
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Teaching Looping: Here's What Happens When Students Have the Same Teacher More Than Once
A new study finds the practice translates to academic and behavioral benefits.
Madeline Will, June 21, 2022
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English-Language Learners Virtual Learning Made Persistent Problems Worse for English-Learners
But some solutions also existed pre-pandemic—and it's up to districts to put them into action, a pair of reports conclude.
Ileana Najarro, June 3, 2022
4 min read
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Teaching ‘Looping’ With Students: When It Works and When It Doesn’t
Educators share their looping experiences on social media.
Hayley Hardison, June 1, 2022
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Classroom Technology 4 Tips to Make Tech Work Better in Schools, From Sal Khan and Other Experts
The Khan Academy founder and two school district leaders shared best practices for technology use in classrooms.
Lauraine Langreo, May 26, 2022
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