Learning Loss & Recovery

Learn more about declines in academic progress, including summer learning loss, and how schools are getting students back on grade level
Learning Loss & Recovery: Frequently Asked Questions
How much learning loss was there during the COVID-19 pandemic?
The results of the spring 2022 National Assessment of Educational Progress showed the biggest drop in math performance in 4th and 8th grade students since the NAEP test began in the 1990s. Reading scores for 4th and 8th graders were also similar to scores in the 1990s and about a third of students in those grades can’t read at even the test’s “basic” level.
What’s the best way to provide tutoring to students who have unfinished learning?
Research demonstrates that high-impact tutoring works. Schools often struggle with scaling up tutoring, though. Setting aside time in the school day, making sure the tutoring is consistent and high-quality, and training the tutors are all key.
Can technology help to accelerate students’ learning and fill in learning gaps?
According to a 2023 EdWeek Research Center survey of educators, a majority of teachers (66 percent) said that technology has been “somewhat” or “very” effective at helping accelerate student learning.