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Orchard Knob Middle School Assistant Principal Michael Calloway squirts sanitizer onto students hands as they arrive for the first day of school at Orchard Knob Middle School, in Chattanooga, Tenn., on Thursday, Aug. 12, 2021.
Orchard Knob Middle School Assistant Principal Michael Calloway squirts sanitizer on students' hands as they arrive for the first day of classes at the Chattanooga, Tenn., school.
Robin Rudd/Chattanooga Times Free Press via AP
Budget & Finance Schools Had Plans for Federal Relief Aid. The Delta Variant Upended Them
Districts planned to spend federal funds on HVAC upgrades and new technology—but some are now redirecting money to face the Delta variant.
Mark Lieberman, August 30, 2021
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A worker passes public school buses parked at a depot in Manchester, N.H., Monday, April 27, 2020. New Hampshire public school children continue to be taught with remote learning, while buildings are closed to students through the end of the academic year due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.
In school districts across the country, buses sat idle through much of the past year. Some districts turned to bus drivers or other support staff to fill IT jobs.
Charles Krupa/AP
Recruitment & Retention Understaffed School District IT Departments Are a Big Problem. Here's One Way to Solve It
An Oregon district needed bilingual support staff to help Spanish-speaking families manage virtual learning. It didn't need to look far.
Alyson Klein, June 3, 2021
4 min read
Illustration of a recruiter's desk.
Recruitment & Retention How School Districts Are Keeping Diverse Teacher Recruitment at the Top of Their Agenda
Some districts are forging ahead with efforts to hire and retain more teachers of color. Here's how they're doing it in the pandemic.
Elizabeth Heubeck, February 17, 2021
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Recruitment & Retention Why School Districts Need to Build Their Brands
Promoting your district’s image as a great place to work can give recruiters a big advantage in attracting teacher talent. Experts explain why and how you should do it.
Elizabeth Heubeck, May 27, 2020
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Recruitment & Retention Video Revamping How a School System Hires, Places, and Supports Teachers and Educators
Gonzalo La Cava, chief of human resources in Palm Beach County, Fla., knows that schools must be strategic about finding the right teachers.
Classroom Technology Video Making Tech Work for Schools—And Students
Technology Director Mark Breen wants all students in his district to be comfortable with technology, including specific skills like coding.
Jaclyn Borowski & Alyson Klein, February 25, 2020
Recruitment & Retention Leader To Learn From Revamping Hiring and Support for Teachers
Gonzalo La Cava, the chief of human resources in The School District of Palm Beach County, Fla., has tackled high teacher vacancies by building a pipeline into the teaching profession for non-traditional candidates, better matching teachers’ skills and experiences to the needs of schools, and ensuring that new teachers get support during the critical early years on the job. He is recognized as a 2020 Leader To Learn From.
Michele Molnar, February 19, 2020
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Robert Harris
Robert Harris
M. Scott Brauer for Education Week
School & District Management Leader To Learn From A Modern Solution to the Problem of Teacher Absences
Robert Harris devised an out-of-the-box solution to quality substitute teaching in Lexington, Mass.—something few schools around the country have been able to creatively address. He is recognized as a 2018 Leader To Learn From.
Liana Loewus, February 21, 2018
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Recruitment & Retention Opinion The New Normal? Balancing the Needs of Schools and the Gig Economy
The gig economy has transformed how organizations in almost every industry manage their human capital. At a time of significant talent shortages across the country, should more districts consider flexible staffing arrangements?
Emily Douglas-McNab, August 4, 2017
3 min read
Recruitment & Retention Opinion The Status of HR Certification as a Driver of Equity in Pre-K-12 Education
This article examines five key findings regarding the current state of, and future possibilities for, HR certification in education.
Emily Douglas-McNab, February 2, 2017
6 min read
Recruitment & Retention Opinion U.S. Department of Education Announces TIF 5 Awards
Last week, the U.S. Department of Education announced the recipients Teacher Incentive Fund Round 5 grants which give school districts the opportunity to develop innovative solutions for recruiting and retaining highly effective educators.
Emily Douglas-McNab, October 5, 2016
2 min read
Career Advice Opinion How BIG Data Can Inform and Innovate HR in K-12 Education
In today's data-rich, technology-driven world, being a "data nerd" is cool. Even Harvard Business Review noted "data scientist" as one of the sexist jobs. While BIG data is making headlines globally, if used in appropriate ways, HR data can teach us a great deal about an individual's drivers and behavior, performance, needs, and their potential.
Emily Douglas-McNab, June 8, 2015
6 min read
Recruitment & Retention Opinion Getting Inside Our Heads: 700 Of Our K-12 HR Peers Let Us Inside Theirs
In HR, we are obsessed with titles and names. To find out what is most popular department name and what motivates and drives decisions for this team of people, we surveyed K-12 HR professionals in education earlier this spring and are now sharing the results!
Emily Douglas-McNab & Allison Wert, May 11, 2015
5 min read
Recruitment & Retention Opinion Who Decides? What Every District Should Consider in Designing an Effective Hiring System
Should the hiring practice be centralized and run by central office or decentralized and managed by building leaders? Guest author, Tony Bagshaw, explores both sides of the argument.
Emily Douglas-McNab, March 20, 2015
3 min read