October 6, 2010

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Research linking absenteeism to dropping out of school is mobilizing some districts to take action.
With China's growing power and influence on the global stage, efforts are burgeoning to promote teaching the official Chinese language in U.S. schools.
Former first lady Laura Bush announced an effort, set to begin in six cities, that aims to change the way America's principals are recruited and prepared—and how they run schools.
Questions about legality and governance surround the plan fueled by $100 million from Facebook's founder to remake Newark's schools.
News in Brief
News in Brief
Report Roundup
A federal panel's decision centers on California's use of teachers with "intern" status.
Best of the Blogs
The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has announced proposed rules that would force low-performing programs to compete for their federal funding.
But ed-tech advocates still want to see the program's funding expanded.
Policy Brief
Some key Democrats face tough reelection fights, while potential newcomers are keen on the education issue.
Democratic candidates on state-level ballots this fall are drawing the lion's share of support from teachers' unions, with the maintenance of school funding a prime concern.
Some districts awarded hefty grants through the Teacher Incentive Fund have yet to win support from local unions.
Federal officials promise to do better when they provide technical assistance to states.
When she became a foundation's point person on education, Barbara Chow, with her new colleagues, set out to map a course for the future.
Sixth grade teacher David Rockower explains why a standards-based curriculum need not, and should not, be stifling.
A program stressing real-world skills and student support helped him finally succeed in school and in life, writes former dropout Safford "Lavelle" Baskins.
A collection of status-quo-busting ideas held together by a stock market metaphor has both pros and cons, write three scholars who have edited a book on the subject.
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