May 21, 2008

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Under pressure to raise graduation rates, some high schools are turning to online courses to help faltering students.
Yale University researchers are pilot-testing an assessment for identifying gifted and talented children that taps intellectual skills other than those captured by traditional intelligence tests.
The latest data on the nation's 4,300 charter schools do not bolster advocates' early hopes that the sector would significantly outperform regular public schools.
On media-center couches and at conference-room tables, downing Cokes and sipping coffee together, teachers around the country are cracking open books to get better at what they do—and, often, relishing the experience.
News in Brief
Report Roundup
News in Brief
The district has failed to meet the requirements of a 2006 class action to provide adequate special education services to students with disabilities.
School officials are working to cope with the aftermath of the raid that left some students' parents in custody and tensions high in the local Latino community.
Ruling upholds Las Vegas district's policy of letting each school decide whether it will require students to wear uniforms.
That personal connection might be more important to children’s learning than such factors as class size and teacher credentials.
High schools receiving $80 million in annual federal funding to support “smaller learning communities” appear to be establishing more intimate learning environments, a federal study finds.
James G. Cibulka, the dean of the college of education at the University of Kentucky, will become the new president of the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education.
College & Careers
State Journal
Measures approved by Colorado lawmakers with strong backing from Gov. Bill Ritter hold potentially big implications for the state’s K-12 education system.
The process has been made nettlesome at times, Texas educators and some state board members say, because of a sharp ideological divide on the 15-member state school board.
The cuts to education won’t be as deep as the $4.8 billion originally projected for K-12 schools.
Under legislation signed May 12 by Gov. Haley Barbour, local superintendents would lose their jobs if their districts were labeled "underperforming" as measured by the state accountability system for two years in a row.
Capitol Recap
A provision protecting school Medicaid reimbursements was approved as part of a supplemental-spending bill by the House of Representatives.
The proposed rules would make it clear that schools can enter into agreements to provide researchers with individual student data, as long as the subject of the research was testing, student aid, or “to improve instruction.”
Federal File
The Core Knowledge approach prizes content across the disciplines, bucking a trend toward a narrower, skills-based approach to learning.
Four education advocates offer their advice for improving NCLB’s ‘growth model’ pilot assessment system. The improvements would be a boon, they write, to schools, states, and the federal law itself.
The three authors discovered that they could meet the challenges of No Child Left Behind with a powerful tool learned in their collective 37 years in education: collaborative teaching.
Mary Brabeck urges adoption of a new paradigm that would foster better working relationships among researchers and classroom practitioners.
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