Welcome to the Early Days of New Early Years Blog

June 07, 2010 1 min read

Hi Readers,

Welcome to the Early Years. My name is Lisa Fine, and I’m a reporter and also a mom to a young child. I will be writing about issues affecting the educators reaching our youngest learners in the preschool years.

I look forward to delving into this important topic. The early years of education are about planting the seeds of learning, assessing the strengths and areas of need in a child, identifying disabilities, and providing early intervention that can improve a child’s ability to learn.

I know there are many models for excellent pre-K learning experiences. On this blog, I will explore trends, news, and laws that early-childhood educators care about.

I hope you will send ideas, tips, and your reactions to the comments section of the blog, or in an email to me directly at

Thank you, Lisa Fine

A version of this news article first appeared in the Early Years blog.