Visual Thesaurus

July 09, 2009 1 min read

Visual Thesaurus

Is the word you’re looking for on the tip of your tongue? Visual Thesaurus can help you picture the word you are trying to find. The site is an interactive dictionary and thesaurus that uses mapping technology to improve your vocabulary. When you enter a word or phrase into the search box, a visual map appears with a list of words that have similar or derived meanings. Each word is linked back to the search term and is added to a web of terminology. Though you can do a number of searches for free, the site requires a subscription or software purchase for expanded use. Additional features, such as games and lesson plans, come with a full subscription. Thinkmap Inc., the company that built the online site and software, offers pricing plans at individual or institutional rates. The site hosts a trial demo for free.

—Tim Ebner

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