Thinking Globally

By Anthony Rebora — May 24, 2006 1 min read

Concerned about the level of global knowledge among U.S. students, the National Geographic Society has launched a new public information campaign aimed at strengthening geographic learning.

The campaign, titled “My Wonderful World,” includes a free downloadable action kit for educators, including geography teaching tips, best-practices case studies, a wall map, and a “global school checklist.” Among the other resources available on the site are a global IQ test, lesson plans, a “what works” forum, and links to geography resources and online activities.

View the educator resources from National Geographic’s My Wonderful World campaign.

The goal of the project is to expand students’ global perspective. “Geography is what helps us make sense of our world by showing the connections between people and places. Without geography, our young people are not ready to face the challenges of the increasingly interconnected and competitive world of the 21st century,” John Fahey, National Geographic Society president and CEO, said in a statement.

Partners in the “My Wonderful World” initiative include the American Federation of Teachers, the National Council for Social Studies, and the National Council of La Raza.