The ERIC Clearinghouses

May 28, 2003 3 min read

Adult, Career, and Vocational Education
Ohio State University

Covers all levels and settings of adult and continuing, career, and vocational/technical education.

Assessment and Evaluation
University of Maryland College Park

Seeks to provide balanced information concerning educational assessment and resources to encourage responsible test use.

Community Colleges
University of California, at Los Angeles ml

Covers development, administration, and evaluation of two-year public and private community and junior colleges, technical institutes, and two-year branch university campuses.

Counseling and Student Services
University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Addresses preparation, practice, and supervision of counselors at all educational levels and in all educational settings, along with development and the theoretical base of counseling and student services.

Disabilities and Gifted Education
Council for Exceptional Children

Covers all aspects of the education and development of students with disabilities and gifted students, including identification, assessment, intervention, and enrichment, both in special settings and within the mainstream.

Educational Management
University of Oregon

Covers all aspects of the governance, leadership, administration, and structure of public and private educational organizations at the elementary and secondary levels, including the provision of physical facilities for their operation.

Elementary and Early Childhood Education
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Covers the physical, cognitive, social, educational, and cultural development of children from birth through early adolescence.

Higher Education
George Washington University

Addresses college and university problems, students, curricular and instructional programs, and institutional research.

Information and Technology
Syracuse University

Covers educational technology and library and information science at all levels.

Languages and Linguistics
Center for Applied Linguistics

Covers languages and language sciences, including all aspects of second-language instruction and learning in all commonly and uncommonly taught languages.

Reading, English, and Communication
Indiana University

Covers all aspects of reading, English, and communication (verbal and nonverbal) in preschool through college.

Rural Education and Small Schools

Covers economic, cultural, and social conditions related to educational programs and practices for rural residents, American Indians, Alaska Natives, Mexican- Americans, and migrants; educational practices and programs in small schools; and outdoor education.

Science, Mathematics, and Environmental Education
Ohio State University

Covers all aspects and levels of science, mathematics, and environmental education.

Social Studies/Social Science Education
Indiana University

Monitors issues about the teaching and learning of history, geography, civics, economics, and other subjects in the social studies and social sciences.

Teaching and Teacher Education
American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education

Covers teacher recruitment, selection, licensing, certification, training, preservice and in- service preparation, evaluation, retention, and retirement. Also covers all aspects of health, physical education, recreation, and dance.

Urban Education
Teachers College, Columbia University

Covers programs and practices in urban-area schools; the education of African-American and Hispanic youths; the theory and practice of educational equity; and urban and minority experiences, social institutions, and services.