Scheduling Information

October 03, 2001 1 min read

The following provides references for selected studies, articles, and Web sites on the subject of block scheduling:

  • “Block Schedules and Student Performance on AP Examinations,” published in Research Notes by the College Board’s office of research and development in May 1998. Information on ordering copies of the report is available at The College Board. (Requires Adobe’s Acrobat Reader.)
  • “Debunking the Semestering Myth,” by Dennis Raphael, Merlin W. Wahlstrom, and L.D. McLean, was published in the Canadian Journal of Education in the Winter 1986 edition. Mr. Raphael and his colleagues also published a follow-up article on science achievement under a block schedule in the same journal in 1987. Most critics of block scheduling point, however, to an 1990 article by David J. Bates, “Science Achievement in Semester and All-Year Courses,” published in the Journal of Science Teaching in March 1990.
  • “Block Scheduling: What We Have Learned,” a chapter written by Robert Lynn Canady and Michael D. Rettig, was published in Research Review for School Leaders in 2000 by Lawrence Erlbaum Associates and edited by W.G. Wraga and P.S. Hlebowitsh.