Research and Reports

March 02, 1987 1 min read

A collaborative survey by the National Association of Secondary School Principals and the American Association for Higher Education has catalogued hundreds of examples of school-college “partnerships.”

A number of these, representing 11 different types of program, are described in a new monograph published by nassp under the direction of Franklin P. Wilbur, a longtime champion of partnerships who heads Syracuse University’s Project Advance. His program, which supervises college-accredited courses taught in 84 high schools in five states, is described in the monograph as the largest partnership of its kind in the nation.

Other varieties of partnership cited include inservice education, adopt-a-school programs, consortia, and efforts targeted at specific student populations, such as the at-risk or gifted.

The monograph complements an aahe volume, The National Directory of School-College Partnerships, which may be ob6tained for $13.95 per copy from: Publications Sales, nassp, 1904 Association Drive, Reston, Va. 22901.

In addition, Project Advance operates an electronic database to which educators may add descriptions of new partnerships. For further details, write: Syracuse University Project Advance, 111 Waverly Ave., Suite 200, Syracuse, N.Y. 13244-2320.

The American Association of School Administrators has published a guide to help school districts develop and implement an aids-education program.

The guide, which follows the recently published recommendations of the federal Centers for Disease Control, offers suggestions about what an aids-education program might include. But it is not intended as a model curriculum, according to Richard D. Miller, executive director of the association.

Each community must develop its own program, he said, with the involvement of teachers, administrators, parents, health professionals, and religious leaders.

Copies of the 35-page booklet, “Dealing With aids,” are available from the aasa, 1801 North Moore Street, Arlington, Va. 22209-9988.