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May 20, 2010 2 min read

The EPE Research Center now offers customized K-12 data based on years of its cutting-edge research. Our data sets are unique in the American K-12 education field because of their relevance, breadth, depth, and ease of use.

High School Graduation Rates

The EPE Research Center’s data on high school graduation rates is the most cited, comprehensive, and trusted source of independent analysis on graduation rates. Our data includes trends over time, an index of expected performance, an analysis of pipeline issues, and geographic and socio-economic indicators, and provides a consistent data framework at the school, district, state, and national levels.

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Edweek Maps

You need to know…

  • Which districts have been the most/least successful in improving their graduation rate over time?
  • Which districts have lower graduation rates than would be expected given the districts’ characteristics?
  • How do schools’ graduation rates compare across states?
  • How do graduation rates in other districts of comparable size compare to mine?

English-Language Learners

See Our Data in Action
Mapping English-language Learners

The EPE Research Center provides detailed information about an increasingly important and growing student population of English-language learners. Our data includes trends over time, the number and percent of English-language learners by district, as well as geographic and socio-economic indicators.

You need to know…

  • Which districts have the highest percentage of English-language learners?
  • Where are the largest numbers and concentrations of English-language learners?
  • Where has there been large growth or decline in English-language-learner enrollments?
  • Where are the high concentrations of English-language learners who speak a specific language?

School Finance

Every year Education Week’s Quality Counts report engages in an in-depth investigation of school finance, grading states on their spending patterns and the degree to which education dollars are equitably distributed across public school systems. The EPE Research Center is making its detailed local data on school finances available, including: total revenue and expenditure levels, per pupil spending, revenue sources, spending patterns, and adjustments for regional cost differences.

You need to know…

  • What share of district revenues come from state, local, and federal sources?
  • Which districts spend the most on public schooling and how many dollars go to each student?
  • How much do school systems spend on instruction, transportation, and other expenses?
  • How much do regional economic conditions impact the “buying power” of each school dollar?

Custom Data Services

Please feel free to call or email to discuss how we might put together a customized package suited to your business needs. As an acknowledged leader in the K-12 information field, EPE has the tools to help you make smart marketing and business decisions.

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