Proposed State ‘Guarantees’

November 18, 1987 1 min read
  • An education program “of the quality available” to students who attend schools with high graduation rates. This core academic program should be supplemented with needed services that are “integrated” with the regular program.
  • Enrollment in a school that demonstrates “substantial and sustained” student progress.
  • Enrollment in a school with an “appropriately certified staff,” whose mem bers receive “continuous professional development.”
  • Enrollment in a school with “systematically designed and delivered instruction of demonstrable effectiveness” and with “adequate and up-to-date learning technologies and materials of proven value.’'
  • Enrollment in a school with safe and functional facilities.
  • A parent- and early-childhood-development program “beginning ideally for children by age 3, but no later than age 4.”
  • A written guide for teaching and learning for each student, prepared with and approved by the student and his or her parents.
  • A program to allow families to participate as “partners” in their children’s learning both at home and at school.
  • Effective health and social services.
  • Information that would help identify at-risk students and report on school conditions and performance. The information must be “sufficient to let one know whether the above guarantees are being met.”
  • Procedures that enable students, their parents, or their representatives to ensure that these guarantees are met.

A version of this article appeared in the November 18, 1987 edition of Education Week as Proposed State ‘Guarantees’