Education Letter to the Editor

Kansas’ Evolution Fight ‘Waters Down’ Science

June 14, 2005 1 min read

To the Editor:

Again, Kansas brings itself into the national spotlight by attempting to water down science education (“Kansas Hears From Critics of Evolution,” May 11, 2005).

The so-called “intelligent design” theory is not a scientific theory as scientists understand the term. Instead of constructing its claims on observations and evidence, it relies on an untestable supernatural deity.

Creationism and its ally intelligent design are simply attempts to knock a hole in Jefferson’s wall of separation between church and state and force a narrow interpretation of Christianity into taxpayer-funded public schools. The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was intended to prevent majority religious groups from forcing their views on minority groups, which is exactly what intelligent-design proponents are calling for.

Kansas should prevent any attempt to remove or water down science’s best understanding of how life on Earth evolved. Intelligent design should not be taught in public schools as science, because doing so will only further weaken the science education of America’s children.

Mel Lipman

Las Vegas, Nev.

The writer is the president of the American Humanist Association, which has its headquarters in Washington.