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September 11, 2007 2 min read

Partnering with NASA is not rocket science.Partnering with NASA is not rocket science.

Announcement: NASA Explorer Schools Support Services (manage project operations nationwide) Due December 20 (Sep 5)

Their Description:

NASA/GRC (Glenn Research Center) plans to issue a Request for Proposal (RFP) for NASA Explorer Schools (NES) Support Services. The services required are for the management of the NASA Explorer Schools (NES) project operations nationwide. NES work primarily with groups of students who are underrepresented in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) professions or who are traditionally underserved by NASA in rural or urban parts of the country.

The NES Project focuses its efforts on retaining underrepresented students in STEM education by engaging teams of teachers and administrators in partner schools and providing unprecedented access to NASA unique mission content, resources, and technology. The NES Project creates partnerships with schools and provide technology funding, sustained professional development of teachers through workshops at NASA centers and in schools, the engagement of families and the community, special student opportunities and content delivery through videoconferencing. The NES support services shall be performed at 10 NASA centers throughout the United States which consists of managing and implementing day-to-day NES project operations and includes, but is not limited to, the following activities:

• Managing and releasing pass-through funds to NES Teachers.

• Managing and releasing pass-through technology funds for NES.

• Coordinating and managing the NES application process.

• Coordinating and managing the NES Summer and Special Opportunity Workshop application process.

• Working with NASA NES personnel at various NASA installations to create and implement new content and interventions for NES based on the NASA-unique missions.

• Working with NASA personnel and partners to develop and deliver distance learning events via the Digital Learning Network (DLN)

• In conjunction with NASA NES personnel, developing and implementing marketing and recruitment plans for attracting new NES partners.

• Supporting Professional Development efforts for NES...

Announcement: Educational Support Services (implementation of Interdisciplinary National Science Program Incorporating Research and Education Experience to encourage secondary school students to pursue Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Due September 21 (Sep 5) NASA

Our Thoughts:
There can’t possibly be better PR than NASA, and serving a national network of high profile schools with a positive image is well within the capacity of many providers.

First, this is why it’s worth looking for RFPs at federal and state agencies beyond the usual suspects.

Second, if ever there were two contracts to restore the tarnished, shop-worn image of a flagging EMO, here they are. Imagine how much better Edison would look a lot to potential investors after winning one of these contracts.

Third, the work not just within the capacity of EMOs. One can easily see a nonprofit education R&D organization like AED or EDC performing the work.

Fourth, others should have a look, if only for some inspiration in business strategy and outreach. And maybe check out NASA’s September 5 agreement with Canada’s Mad Science. @

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