New Graduation Rate Resource

May 19, 2010 1 min read
Edweek Maps

The Editorial Projects in Education Research Center is proud to announce a powerful new online mapping tool to help the public, policymakers, and educational leaders combat the graduation crisis.

For the first time, comparable, reliable data on graduation rates will be readily available for every school district in the country.

This Web-based application will allow users to easily map out graduation rates by zooming in on any of the nation’s individual school districts. Users may then download a special report for the district, with detailed information on graduation rates that includes an analysis of where students are lost from the high school pipeline. The reports also compare district results with state and national figures.

The EPE Research Center calculated graduation rates for each district, as well as every state and the nation as a whole, using data from a single federal data set. The Cumulative Promotion Index, developed by Research Center director Christopher Swanson, estimates the probability that a student in the 9th grade will complete high school on time with a regular diploma.

Read the full Diplomas Counts 2009 report.