NEA Members Hope To Derail High-Stakes Testing

July 11, 2001 1 min read

At its annual meeting last week, NEA members denounced high-stakes testing, approved the creation of a new partnership with the American Federation of Teachers, discussed globalization, and tabled a resolution calling for aid to gay students. Read our full coverage:

“NEA Members Denounce High-Stakes Testing.” Members of the NEA passionately denounced high-stakes standardized tests during their annual meeting last week, stating that high-stakes standardized tests limit curricula and snuff out both creative teaching and the joy of learning.

“NEA Agrees to New Alliance With AFT.” Three years after rejecting a marriage proposal, the National Education Association has agreed to “go steady” with the American Federation of Teachers.

“International Union To Debate Effects of ‘Globalization.’” About 70 delegates from the NEA and the American Federation of Teachers plan to be on hand in Jomtien, Thailand, later this month for a meeting of of Education International, a worldwide coalition of organizations representing education workers. The top item on the agenda will be globalization.

“NEA Poised To Defer Vote on Aid for Gay Students.” The question of how public schools should deal with homosexuality, if at all, became the source of a highly emotional debate here last week, both within the National Education Association and among outside groups that condemned an NEA proposal on the issue.

“Reporter’s Notebook.”

  • NEA President Blasts Testing Proposals
  • Delegates Debate Partnership With AFT
  • Two New York NEA Affliates Vote Switch to AFT
  • Refining Union’s Stance on Charter Schools
  • Considering Candidates for Next NEA President