Major Albertson Initiatives

April 23, 2003 1 min read
Dates Grants to Improve: Funding
to Date
1998- 2002 Teacher- preparation programs $5.4 million
1998- 2001 Student’s reading achievement, early literacy, and teachers’ reading-instruction skills $37.0 million
1998- 2001 School technology through new computers, peripherals, basic training, and software $43.5 million ($250,000 per district)
1998- current Teacher professional development in standards, pedagogy, assessments, and technology $21.8 million
2003-07 (or as time requires) Management of student data with a centralized statewide database $35.0 million
1997- 2004 Student achievement through enhancements to organizational effectiveness, curriculum, instruction, and assessment $37.7 Million

Source: J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Foundation