Legislative Update

March 02, 1987 2 min read

Beginning this week, Legislative Update will include summaries of final action by legislatures on education-related matters. It also will continue to summarize governors’ budget requests for precollegiate education and highlights of their legislative agendas as they are announced.

Governors’ Proposals



Bob Martinez (R)

FY 1989 proposed state budget:

$9.19 billion

FY 1989 proposed K-12 budget:

$6.37 billion

FY 1988 K-12 budget:

$5.8 billion

Percent change K-12 budget:

+9.8 percent


Proposes Project care, a multi-agency initiative to address educational and social needs of disadvantaged children. Includes $20 million for preschool services; $16.5 million for child-protective services; $7.9 million to increase welfare payments to children; $7.2 million to expand day-care programs; $3.8 million for community-based alternatives to incarceration for juvenile offenders; and $3.7 million to expand existing education and job-training program for teen-age mothers on welfare.

No funding for career-ladder program. Education department has asked for $16 million to pilot test such a program in three districts.

Would double funding for merit-schools program, from $10 million to $20 million.



Edward D. DiPrete (R)

FY 1989 proposed state budget:

$1.37 billion

FY 1989 proposed K-12 budget:

$394 million

FY 1988 K-12 budget:

$362 million

Percent change K-12 budget:

+9 percent


12.5 percent increase in aid to districts.

$1 million in new funding for literacy and dropout prevention.

$4 million for early-childhood initiatives, including mandatory kindergarten for 5-year-olds, half-day pre-kindergarten for “at risk” 4-year-olds, and “Governor’s schools” to test innovative strategies for early education.

26.5 percent increase in day-care funding.

$375,000 for an alternative community residence for emotionally troubled children.

Final Action



Garrey E. Carruthers (R)

FY 1989-90 state budget:

$1.5 billion

FY 1989-90 K-12 budget:

$803 million

FY 1987-88 K-12 budget:

$771 million

Percent change K-12 budget:

+4 percent


Approved package of bills to “fine tune” state’s two-year-old reform program. Among the changes: districts required to offer kindergarten; class sizes reduced in English courses in grades 7-12; postponed for one year several requirements relieving teachers of non-instructional duties.

Rejected Governor’s request to block-grant state aid to schools.

Passed a sweeping welfare-reform bill that will force some teen-age mothers to enroll in school or job training or risk losing benefits.

Authorized creation of a cabinet-level department to coordinate non-educational state programs affecting young people.

Approved a 1.6-percent increase in teacher salaries.

Authorized a $50.5-million bond referendum for school construction and renovation.