May 14, 2000 1 min read
  1. Proposed legislation is a block grant allowing flexible spending on programs that have not been allocated specific amounts. A (*) indicates previously free-standing programs that are included in the block grant for that category.
  2. Federal funding for the Goals 2000 and school-to-work programs was scheduled to end in FY 2000.
  3. Not all programs in this category are listed. Items shown do not add to total.
  4. Administered by the Department of Health and Human Services.
  5. Administered by the Department of Labor.
  6. Administered by the Bureau of Indian Affairs, a division of the Department of the Interior.
  7. The national Science Foundation and the Corporation for Nation Service function as independent agencies.
  8. Numbers shown in parentheses indicate obligations owed to the government, rather than anticipated expenditures.

SOURCES: U.S. Congress, Department of Education, Interior, Labor, and Health and Human Services, Office of Management and Budget.