Examples of Errors In History Textbooks

November 20, 1991 1 min read

Q: “What was Sputnik?” A: “The first successful intercontinental ballistic missile launched by the Soviet Union; carried a nuclear warhead.”

From AMERICAN ODYSSEY(Glencoe, 1992), TE, P. 479

Q: “Was Truman’s description of the Korean conflict as a ‘police action’ a false image or an accurate image?” A: “it was accurate because the United States easily settled the conflict by using the bomb.”

From AMERICAN VOICES vol. 2 (Scott, 1992). TAE, p. 606

“The Nixon presidency began in triumph and ended in disgrace. The events of those years -the end of the war in Vietnam, the assassinations of King and Kennedy....

From AMERICAN ODYSSEY (Glencoe, 1992). TE, p 688

Source: Educational Research Inc.

A version of this article appeared in the November 20, 1991 edition of Education Week as Examples of Errors In History Textbooks