Education Report Roundup

Early-Childhood Investment

April 26, 2005 1 min read

“Early Childhood Education For All: A Wise Investment,” is an in-depth report by Legal Momentum’s Family Initiative that makes the economic-development case for investing in early care and education. ()

Taxpayers could save as much as $13 in future costs for every dollar spent on early-childhood-education programs, estimates a report that highlights the economic impact of providing children with high-quality preschool opportunities.

The report—released this month by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Workplace Center and Legal Momentum, a New York City-based organization that promotes the rights of women and girls through public policy—reviewed 40 years of research. It found that children who received a high-quality preschool education were more likely to succeed in school and graduate from high school than their peers who did not attend a good preschool. As a result, the report says, children who attended good preschools tended to obtain higher-paying jobs as adults, contribute more taxes, buy more as consumers, and commit fewer crimes.