Education Correction


September 11, 2012 1 min read

• In a special report on e-learning in the Aug. 29, 2012, issue of Education Week, an article about “flipped classrooms” should have said Woodland Park High School is in Woodland Park, Colo.

• An article in the report about e-learning options for students incorrectly stated that Utah has an online-learning requirement for high school graduation.

• And an article in the report about the influence of a digital-advocacy group should have said that Digital Learning Day was created and launched by the Alliance for Excellent Education.

• Another article in that issue, on a study of a private-school voucher program in New York City, incorrectly described the 7.1-percentage-point gain in college enrollment seen among one group of students in the study. That gain was found for the entire group of students who received an offer of a voucher, regardless of whether they used it.

• A story in the July 18 issue about what National Assessment of Educational Progress results portend for students’ mastery of new science standards inadvertently mixed up phrases in a quote from Arthur Eisenkraft of the University of Massachusetts Boston. The sentence should have read: As a result, students are too often focused on “what’s happening” and “what does it mean” types of questions rather than on “how do we know.” (He was referring to the often supplementary nature of science labs.)

A version of this article appeared in the September 12, 2012 edition of Education Week as Correction