Changes on Capitol Hill

November 13, 2002 1 min read

The Nov. 5 election results boosted the Republican advantage in the House, and put the GOP back in charge of the Senate. Here are the numbers behind the new-look 108th Congress.

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Before: 223 Republicans Before: 50 Democrats1
208 Democrats 49 Republicans
1 Independent 1 Independent
3 Vacancies
After: 228 Republicans After: 51 Republicans
203 Democrats 47 Democrats
1 Independent 1 Independent2
3 Undetermined 1 Undetermined3

1 Reflects Senate composition before the Oct. 25 death of Sen. Paul Wellstone, D-Minn.
2The Independent, Sen. James M. Jeffords of Vermont, voted with Democrats on organization of the Senate.
3Pending a Dec. 7 runoff election in Louisiana.

SOURCE: The Associated Press

Likely Senate Education Leaders

SOURCE: Education Week staff research

A version of this article appeared in the November 13, 2002 edition of Education Week as Changes on Capitol Hill