Brain Works

June 21, 2006 1 min read

The Web site for an IMAX film on how the brain works includes interactive classroom resources designed to teach students about contemporary neuroscience.

The movie, “Wired to Win,” follows two cyclists competing in the Tour de France. It uses computer-generated imagery to show how the human brain interacts with the body’s nervous system and other internal workings.

Visit Wired to Win.

The companion Web site includes interactive explorations of the human brain that illustrate how it controls the body and how it functions during physical activity. Also provided are an activity guide for educators (in grades 4-12), standards correlations, trailers from the film, and podcast commentaries.

The material is based on work supported by the National Science Foundation, which provided a grant to finance the film. The film was produced by the nonprofit Partner Healthcare system, based in Boston.

The site includes a list of theaters where the film will be shown (largely during 2006-07).