Bay Studies

By Craig Stone — March 23, 2006 1 min read

An Oakland, California-based environmental group has developed an online curriculum designed to help teachers incorporate “experiential” conservation activities into their lessons.

Learn more about The Watershed Curriculum from The Bay Classroom.

Save the Bay’s “Watershed Curriculum” comprises 29 activities aimed at helping students look more closely at the characteristics of their local environment, with a focus on conservation. The curriculum includes activities for grades 4 through 12, and covers science, language arts, and history. It is designed to supplement environmental field trips and “action projects” and help students connect classroom learning to the living world.

Save the Bay is devoted exclusively to protecting and restoring San Franciso Bay, and its curriculum is targeted to teachers in the Bay area. However, ideas presented in the curriculum could be used as a reference or adapted to other locales.

According to Save the Bay, the curriculum meets the California science framework and state science standards for middle and high school levels. A standards matrix is provided.

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