30 Ways to Work With Kids While Getting Your Degree

July 10, 2007 1 min read

Work experience with children prior to teaching can help prospective educators build their resumes, as well as gain familiarity with kids and ways to engage them. The following is list of jobs compiled by Dawn Scheffner Jones, the online education and health advisor for Northern Illinois University’s Career Service Center.

1. Summer Camps

2. National, State, and County Parks/Nature Centers

3. Community Park District Programs

4. Volunteer Tutoring

5. Respite Care for Disabled Children

6. YMCAs

7. Big Brother/Big Sister Programs

8. Summer School Programs

9. Nanny Programs

10. Day Care Centers

11. Before and After School Programs

12. Disney Internships

13. Other Amusement/Theme/Water Parks

14. Children’s Museums

15. Outward Bound

16. Library Programs and Story Hours

17. Religious Programs

18. Children’s Wards in Hospitals

19. Mentoring Programs for At-Risk Children and Adolescents

20. Social Service Agency and Court Service Summer Programs

21. Community Outreach Activities

22. Language Programs for ESL/ELL Children

23. Boy/Girl Scouts

24. Habitat for Humanity

25. Spring Break Service Trips

26. Resort and Cruise Ship Child Care Programs

27. Resident Assistant and Community Assistant Programs

28. Special Lessons in Music, Sports, or Academics

29. Coaching

30. Literacy Programs