Personalized Learning for the 'Whole Educator'? Chan Zuckerberg Announces New Grants

More than $5 million will go to efforts to change how teachers are prepared and supported. (December 0, )

Student-Centered Learning in the Spotlight Around the World

Three students from Hong Kong demonstrate what a new study shows: students enjoy self-directed learning with the support of a teacher. (December 0, )

At FCC, Democratic Concerns Over K-12: Q&A With Jessica Rosenworcel

From the Lifeline program to E-rate to net neutrality, the current FCC is threatening digital equity, says Democratic Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel. (December 0, )

The Teenage Smartphone Problem Is Worse Than You Think

Media overconsumption interferes with the brain chemistry of teens and their ability to learn, writes a high school English teacher. (February 1, 2018)

Ed-Tech Company Clever to Help Schools Track Tech Usage—For a Cost

After building a huge K-12 footprint with free solutions to address challenges, the company will charge schools to tackle of one of ed tech’s most glaring problems. (January 17, 2018)

Ohio's Largest Cyber Charter Closes Mid-Year

The 12,000-student Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow has closed its doors following a long battle with state officials over student attendance and funding. (December 0, )

With New Personalized-Learning Software, AltSchool Moves Into Public Schools

California's Arcadia Unified and Menlo City Park school districts will roll out the AltSchool platform, which aims for a comprehensive, flexible approach to personalized learning. (December 0, )

Special Report

Technology Counts 2017: Classroom Tech: Where Schools Stand

(June 12, 2017)

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5 Insights to Help Prepare Students for the Future of Work, From the Economist and Google

The role of educators and technology in teaching soft skills to the workforce of the future was the theme of a study by The Economist Intelligence Unit. (May 19, 2017)

Google for Education Launches Beta for 'Create Your Own' Virtual Reality Experience

Teachers and students can now take images from a 360-degree camera and, using tools from Google, turn them into their own "expeditions." (May 17, 2017)

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