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Gates Foundation, Chan Zuckerberg Team Up to Seek 'State of the Art' Ideas for Schools

In a new Request for Information, two of the most powerful groups in education philanthropy jointly seek "state-of-the-art" ideas to improve students' math, writing, and "executive functions." (December 0, )

Educators Battle 'Fortnite' for Students' Attention

Many teachers want to ban the popular video game from classrooms, but others are weaving students’ passion for it into classroom discussions and assignments. (May 3, 2018)

Online State Testing in 2018: Mostly Smooth, With One Glaring Exception

For the second time in three years, Tennessee experienced major online testing disruptions, prompting new state legislation and raising questions about ESSA compliance. (May 8, 2018)

Pearson Tests Growth-Mindset Messages in Software

An experiment with embedding 'growth-mindset' messaging in software appeared to help students persist when they encountered difficulty, and raised ethical concerns. (May 1, 2018)

Rethinking the High School Credential

Most American youth don't get what they need from high school. Tom Vander Ark shares his thoughts on the current high school credentialing system and the questions he wishes a new system would answer. (December 0, )

New Mexico To Count Computer Science as Graduation Requirement

The state's education secretary says the move will help ensure students' preparedness for the "21st century marketplace." (December 0, )

Principals on Student Screen Time: 7 Takeaways From Education Week's Exclusive Survey

School leaders are overwhelmingly worried about student screen time at home, but have nuanced views about screen time in school, according to an exclusive Education Week survey. (December 0, )

Special Report

Technology Counts 2018: National Survey: What Do Principals Believe?

(April 17, 2018)

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Marketplace K-12 Blog

Principals Report More Influence Over School Budgets Than Curriculum Choice in National Survey

A new study asked school principals across the United States how much actual influence they have in two areas: establishing curriculum and crafting school budgets. (May 17, 2017)

$195 Million in Federal Grants for STEM, Computer Science Open for Applications

Education companies can partner with educational entities to apply for federal funds aimed at boosting STEM and computer science education in K-12 schools. (May 19, 2017)

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Ed-Tech Researcher Blog

Undergraduates at West Virginia University take on the role of school designers to better understand fundamental ideas in education and school design. (05/03 01:36 pm)
To move beyond pockets of innovation requires a shared language of pedagogy and a community dedicated to improvement. (04/27 12:48 pm)
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