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A science teacher in elementary or middle school showing a student how to use a microscope.
Future of Work For These Black Women in STEM, Teachers’ Encouragement Went a Long Way
Black women continue to be underrepresented in science, tech, engineering, and math careers.
Lauraine Langreo, February 22, 2024
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Equity & Diversity Race Is a Big Factor in School Closures. What You Need to Know
Districts are more likely to close majority Black schools, researcher says.
Evie Blad & Ileana Najarro, November 28, 2023
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Adrian Mims
Adrian Mims, courtesy of the Calculus Project
Mathematics Q&A How to Support Black and Latino Students to Tackle Calculus
The founder of the Calculus Project speaks about how high school math pathways shape students’ postsecondary options.
Sarah Schwartz, November 28, 2023
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Illustration of a young black woman with missing pieces. Some of the slices are sliding back into place, making the figure whole again.
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Equity & Diversity Opinion American Education Hurt Black Students. We Deserve Reparations
The value of the educational harm inflicted on my generation of Black students exceeds $2 trillion, writes Bettina L. Love.
Bettina L. Love, September 5, 2023
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Demonstrators protest outside of the Supreme Court in Washington on June 29, 2023, after the Supreme Court struck down affirmative action in college admissions, saying race cannot be a factor.
Demonstrators protest outside of the Supreme Court in Washington on June 29, 2023, after the Supreme Court struck down affirmative action in college admissions, saying race cannot be a factor.
Jose Luis Magana/AP
Equity & Diversity From College Advising to Teacher Preparation: Affirmative Action Ruling May Reshape K-12
These are some ways in which the Supreme Court’s decision may impact K-12 schools.
Eesha Pendharkar, July 14, 2023
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Reading & Literacy Video This After-School Program Is Improving Students’ Reading, One Black History Book at a Time
An after-school program seeks to teach its students about Black history and improve their reading scores at the same time.
Madison Lyman, 17, stands for a portrait on June 1, 2023, in the 18th and Vine District in Kansas City, Mo.
Madison Lyman, 17, stands in the historic 18th and Vine district in Kansas City, Mo., on June 1, 2023. A rising high school senior, she serves on the city's 13-person commission to study reparations for Black residents, which recently started meeting.
Erin Woodiel for Education Week
Equity & Diversity Meet the High School Student Helping Her City Study Reparations for Black Residents
In Kansas City, Mo., 17-year-old Madison Lyman serves on a 13-member commission studying reparations for Black residents.
Mark Lieberman, June 14, 2023
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President Ronald Reagan is flanked by Education Secretary Terrel Bell, left, White House Policy director, during a meeting in the Cabinet Room in Washington, Feb. 23, 1984 where they discussed school discipline.
President Ronald Reagan and U.S. Secretary of Education Terrel H. Bell, left, during a meeting in the Cabinet Room, Feb. 23, 1984, where they discussed school discipline.
Federal Opinion The Lies America Tells Itself About Black Education
'A Nation at Risk' created a faux crisis to usher in the right's education agenda, argues Bettina L. Love.
Bettina L. Love, April 27, 2023
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an illustration shows the silhouettes of a two heads facing each other, one of them wearing a police hat.
School Climate & Safety Schools With More Black and Latino Students Likelier to Have Police
The finding comes as lawmakers debate boosting numbers of school resource officers in the wake of a deadly Nashville school shooting.
Evie Blad, April 7, 2023
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Close up of a police barricade with school kids blurred in the background.
School Climate & Safety The Nation's Largest District Saw an Increase in Policing at Schools Last Year
In the nation's largest school district, police last year arrested, detained, and walked students out more than before the pandemic.
Eesha Pendharkar, February 17, 2023
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Photo illustration of black people at historic moments in time leading up to a young black student today.
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Equity & Diversity Opinion America Must Confront the Black History It Teaches
How can a Black student make sense of racism as historical artifact when it remains ever present, asks Bettina L. Love.
Bettina L. Love, February 9, 2023
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Illustration of a young Black girl raising her hand in class.
Xia Gordon for Education Week
Social Studies Opinion Black History Belongs in Early Elementary School
Here’s how to integrate Black history into the early elementary school curriculum—and why you should.
Wintre Foxworth Johnson, January 31, 2023
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Deputy Carroll walks the hall of Rice Elementary School with an administrator on Wednesday.
A school police officer walks the halls of Rice Elementary School in Greenwood, S.C., with an administrator on April 6, 2022.
Lindsey Hodges/The Index-Journal via AP
School Climate & Safety Students of Color Disproportionately Suffer From Police Assaults at School, Says Report
A new report tallies up assaults by school-based police officers on students of color.
Eesha Pendharkar, January 13, 2023
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Image of papers on a desk.
Equity & Diversity What Researchers Learned From Analyzing Decades of Civil Rights Complaints Against Schools
Large, segregated districts are more likely to have OCR complaints filed against them, a new report shows
Eesha Pendharkar, December 30, 2022
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