Assistive Technology

Image of a child interacting with a teacher through the computer.
Reading & Literacy 5 Ways to Remotely Support Students With Dyslexia
The COVID-19 pandemic has shed light on the needs of students with dyslexia, but also made it more difficult to support them.
Corey Mitchell, February 11, 2021
7 min read
Special Education Are Students With 'Reading Barriers' Ready to Start the New School Year?
Benetech, which oversees a federally-funded initiative to provide accessible texts, says teachers are more likely to see their students as prepared if their technology needs are met.
Christina A. Samuels, September 19, 2018
1 min read
Special Education Website Accessibility: Ten Things School Districts Should Know
The Education Department's civil rights office is looking at school districts' websites for accessibility issues. How should you prepare your website so that it's available to all users?
Christina A. Samuels, August 3, 2016
8 min read
College & Workforce Readiness Opinion Dyslexia and the Power of Teacher Expectations
It is critical that teachers of students with dyslexia can see below the iceberg: All teachers need to understand that dyslexia is a mechanical disability, not an intellectual one.
Kyle Redford, May 16, 2016
5 min read
Special Education Opinion Don't Wait: Six Simple Ways to Support Your Struggling Learners Tomorrow
"These modifications all embrace the principles of UDL (Universal Design for Learning) which caution against teaching to the imaginary average student. The truth is, our classrooms are full of students who are difficult to categorize because they present quirky profiles."
Kyle Redford, February 17, 2016
6 min read
Special Education Seattle Settles Lawsuit Over Ed-Tech Accessibility
The National Federation of the Blind, a co-plaintiff in the lawsuit, says the agreement to make the Seattle district's online materials accessible is a "model for the nation."
Christina A. Samuels, October 1, 2015
3 min read
Special Education Accessibility Concerns Delay $30M Amazon E-Book Contract in N.Y.C.
New York City schools postponed action on an Amazon contract for creating an online storefront where educators will buy e-books, after the National Federation of the Blind raised questions about it.
Michele Molnar, August 28, 2015
4 min read
Special Education School Boards Group Disputes Recent Guidance on Communication Supports
The federal government is using a California special education case to try to create guidance that applies to every state, says the National School Boards Association.
Christina A. Samuels, March 10, 2015
3 min read
Special Education S.C. Charters Agree to Accessibility Changes After Federal Investigation
The Education Department's office for civil rights said that the district needed to make courses fully accessible for the 9,000 students enrolled in online schools.
Christina A. Samuels, March 20, 2014
2 min read
Assessment Students With Disabilities and the Common Core: Challenges, Opportunities
A recent special report from Education Week explores the common core from the perspective of students with specific educational needs.
Christina A. Samuels, October 30, 2013
1 min read
Standards Smarter Balanced Adopts Accessibility Rules for Common-Core Tests
The 25-state group decided that read-aloud accommodations for text passages will be limited, for now, to students in middle and high school.
Christina A. Samuels, September 11, 2013
3 min read
Special Education Ed. Dept. Finds Areas to Improve in Review of Common-Core Test Accessibility
The department's technical review process also found areas that both consortia have handled well.
Christina A. Samuels, July 8, 2013
1 min read
Special Education 'Hackathon' Yields Review Site For Autism-Friendly Businesses
Two developers won $10,000 for creating a website that allows users to post comments about businesses that accommodate people with developmental disabilities.
2 min read
Special Education Common Core Test Group Seeks Comment on Writing-Support Accommodation
PARCC, one of two groups developing common core tests, wants feedback on the proposed policies for use of scribes and word-prediction software.
Christina A. Samuels, February 8, 2013
3 min read