Quality Counts

Quality Counts is Education Week's annual report on state-level efforts to improve public education. Published in January.

Quality Counts 2017: Building on ESSA's K-12 Foundation

Quality Counts 2017: Building in ESSA's K-12 Foundation This 21st edition of Quality Counts examines what states and districts are doing to make ready for the Every Student Succeeds Act’s implementation. This year's Quality Counts also includes summative grades for the nation, each of the 50 states, and the District of Columbia on key education indicators.

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Prior Years

2016: Called to Account

2015: Preparing to Launch

2014: District Disruption & Revival

2013: Code of Conduct

2012: The Global Challenge

2011: Uncertain Forecast

2010: Fresh Course, Swift Current

2009: Portrait of a Population

2008: Tapping Into Teaching

2007: From Cradle to Career

2006: Quality Counts at 10: A Decade of Standards Based Education

2005: No Small Change, Targeting Money Toward Student Performance

2004: Count Me In: Special Education in an Era of Standards

2003: "If I Can't Learn From You"

2002: Building Blocks for Success

2001: A Better Balance

2000: Who Should Teach?

1999: Rewarding Results, Punishing Failure

1998: The Urban Challenge: Public Education in the 50 States

Quality Counts '97

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Margaret J. Gaston and Jason Kamras, both contributors to this year's report, took questions from our readers.
January 16, 2008 – Education Week (Web)
The report's editors discussed this year's findings.
January 11, 2008 – Education Week (Web)

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