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Quality Counts

Quality Counts 2018: Achievement & Success

A Complex Equation for School Quality
September 5, 2018
Special Report QC gradingTheStates
A broad range of factors go into weighing how well the nation’s schools are living up to their responsibility to ensure that students are on track academically and prepared to take their place in a complex, ever-changing society. This third and final installment of Quality Counts 2018 digs deeply into test scores, high school graduation rates, and other data that focus on the student achievement piece of that picture. In addition, the report analyzes a wealth of socioeconomic and educational data that chart the trajectory toward success in each of the states and for the nation as a whole. For this year's first installment of Quality Counts on how the nation and states fared on a broad range of K-12 categories, click here. For this year's second installment of Quality Counts on how the nation and states fared on school finance, click here.

In March 2024, Education Week announced the end of the Quality Counts report after 25 years of serving as a comprehensive K-12 education scorecard. In response to new challenges and a shifting landscape, we are refocusing our efforts on research and analysis to better serve the K-12 community. For more information, please go here for the full context or learn more about the EdWeek Research Center.