Special Report
Quality Counts

Quality Counts 2019: Chance for Success

A Report Card for States and the Nation on Success Indicators
January 16, 2019
Special Report QC ChanceForSuccess
Which states do the best job in assuring bright prospects for success over the course of a lifetime? This, the first of three Quality Counts 2019 installments, aims to answer that question based on a broad basket of family, school, and socioeconomic indicators that make up the Education Week Research Center’s Chance-For-Success Index. Featuring national and state-by-state scores and grades, the Chance-for-Success Index is the leadoff report in Quality Counts’ annual ranking of the nation’s schools. June’s second installment focuses on the school finance and the role that funding levels and equity play in educational quality. In September, Quality Counts will feature the K-12 Achievement Index, looking at graduation rates, academic scores, and other indicators. And the September report will also unveil the annual summative grades and scores, marking 23 years of this flagship exercise in school accountability.