Personalized Learning Video

Why You Should Attend Education Week’s “Pathways to Personalized Learning” Summit

November 8, 2018 1:30

In this video, Assistant Managing Editor Kevin Bushweller shares insights about Education Week’s ongoing coverage of personalized learning, and announces the Thursday, Dec. 6, 2018, “Pathways to Personalized Learning” online summit. In this online event, Education Week journalists and guests will staff online “discussion rooms” on a host of topics, including the research arguments for and against personalized learning, how self-paced learning can go awry, low-tech personalized learning strategies, principals’ views on personalized learning, how to train teachers for a radical change, and five big mistakes education companies are making in trying to serve schools’ personalized learning needs. This online summit provides you with a unique opportunity to interact directly with Education Week writers and editors and the personalized learning experts who helped shape this coverage. You will also be able to watch a livestreamed series of interviews with the writers and editors after they’ve “broken down” the topics for you.

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