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Kim Kennedy, a school nurse consultant at Fairview High School in Boulder, Colo., holds confiscated vaping materials
Nick Cote for Education Week

School Districts Are Suing JUUL Over Youth Vaping. Do They Stand a Chance?

Nearly 100 school districts have filed lawsuits against JUUL and other e-cigarette manufacturers, and more are likely to join in to claim that schools are the de facto "first responders" to the epidemic of youth vaping. (February 27, 2020)


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08/05 03:50 pm | District Not Liable Under Title IX for Administrator's Relationship With Student | A federal appeals court rejected arguments that the abuser was an "appropriate" district official with knowledge of the harassment and the authority to remedy it.

Spotlight on ESSA

In this Spotlight, learn what ESSA's implementation will mean for teacher evaluation, early-childhood programs, literacy, and more.

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A South Carolina state judge on Wednesday temporarily blocked a plan announced by Gov. Henry McMaster earlier this week to direct $32 million in pandemic relief funds for tuition grants at private schools across the state.
July 22, 2020 – AP
The 5-4 decision involving a dispute in Montana appears to cast doubt on as many as 30 state constitutions that bar aid to religious schools.
July 15, 2020 – Education Week
A New Mexico judge on Monday rejected a motion by Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham to dismiss a landmark education lawsuit that was filed against the state and cleared the way for groups behind the complaint to further scrutinize the state's efforts.
June 30, 2020 – AP
The U.S. Supreme Court’s recent ruling was a victory, but it doesn’t take away the hurt of losing my students in a cold February, writes Brett Bigham.
June 23, 2020 – Teacher
The court rules that the decision to unwind deportation relief for nearly 700,000 undocumented immigrants who came to the U.S. as children was done in an “arbitrary and capricious” manner.
June 18, 2020 – Education Week
The sweeping 6-3 civil rights ruling has implications for school districts as employers as well as for continuing legal battles over the rights of transgender students.
June 15, 2020 – Education Week
The doctrine known as “qualified immunity” is under scrutiny in the uproar over police misconduct. But public school employees are also among the government workers it shields from civil suits in federal court.
June 11, 2020 – Education Week
A pair of cases being heard by the high court will likely determine whether job-discrimination laws apply to tens of thousands of teachers at religious schools.
May 7, 2020 – Education Week
The decision by a federal appeals court recognizing the right to a basic minimum education may be felt far beyond the substandard Detroit schools underlying it, but hurdles could remain.
May 13, 2020 – Education Week
Researchers and experts say states have authority to shut schools down if needed in case of a health emergency like a pandemic, but in the words of one, it’s “not like turning a light switch on or off.”
March 11, 2020 – Education Week

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