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Bobbie Wells wipes down a bedside tray in a hospital room in the Christiana Care Health System. Wells and her co-workers use a high-tech, ultraviolet-light cleaning system, which is digitally operated and requires extensive training.
—Nate Pesce for Education Week

Jobs at All Levels Now Require Digital Literacy. Here's Proof.

Education Week visited Delaware's largest employer for a closer look at how digitization is changing the workplace. (September 25, 2018)


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Spotlight on College and Career Readiness

In this Spotlight, learn about different ways to equip students with the necessary skills to succeed in the workplace.



Twenty-One Trends for the 21st Century: Out of the Trenches and Into the Future
In this go-to guide for thinking and planning, futurist Gary Marx lays out an array of trends with seismic shifts that have real implications for organizations, nations, and each of us.


Faces of the Future: An Education Week Series
Ambitious and creative young people are pushing well beyond the boundaries of school and shaping the conversation about the future of work.

Career and Technical Education at a Crossroads
This three-part series takes on key challenges facing career-and-technical education programs as they attract a new wave of attention and support in schools across the country.

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Special Reports

Literacy for the Workplace
The modern workplace is evolving and employers say that students need different kinds of literacy skills in order to thrive in it. Will English classes change in response?

Schools and the Future of Work
This special report examines what skills students need in order to succeed in the uncertain, intensely competitive workplace of the future.

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Sectors of our economy such as the military, health care, and higher education are much further along than the K-12 system in using artificial intelligence.
May 20, 2020 – Education Week
Career technical education has been on a roll lately, but educators fear that will change, as unemployment soars and some students are cut off from hands-on learning opportunities.
May 12, 2020 – Education Week
Students are unprepared to imagine the jobs of tomorrow, much less the skills they need to land them, say the editors of a special report.
February 5, 2020 – Education Week
Schools are trying to forge stronger workforce connections in K-12 by revamping curriculum and school culture to help students explore potential careers.
February 5, 2020 – Education Week
More than 17,000 schools use YouScience, a commercial aptitude assessment that seeks to gauge a test taker’s skills in areas such as idea generation and spatial awareness.
February 5, 2020 – Education Week
The growing popularity of voice-activated technologies is forcing educators to think about the role such tools play in preparing students for the jobs of the future.
February 5, 2020 – Education Week
Employers and teachers agree that creativity is a valued skill for the workplace, but they disagree on what it means to be creative.
February 5, 2020 – Education Week
A handful of districts in upstate New York are moving career technical education classes to cutting-edge businesses so students can have more "authentic" learning experiences.
February 5, 2020 – Education Week
In a labor market hungry for employees who can work with data, some high schools have begun to offer a new breed of classes in data science.
February 5, 2020 – Education Week
Schools are slowly figuring out how to balance thinking globally with acting locally, and recognizing that some key skills are valuable no matter where students end up living.
February 5, 2020 – Education Week

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