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COVID-19 Forces the Question: Should the Youngest Learners Have Devices?

The coronavirus school building closures are leading to some tough decisions now—instead of years down the road—about providing iPads and Chromebooks, even for kindergartners. (June 8, 2020)


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Getting Reading Right
In a new ongoing series, Education Week will interrogate the cognitive science behind how young students acquire foundational reading skills, with a focus on grades K-2, and explore the challenges educators face in teaching kids to read.

Quality Counts 2015: Preparing to Launch
Quality Counts is Education Week's annual report on state-level efforts to improve public education. This 19th edition of the report delves into early-childhood education.

Spotlight on Early-Childhood Education

In this Spotlight, learn how schools are using kindergarten assessments to shape instruction, targeting early educators for professional development in math, and developing elementary students into global citizens.

Spotlight on Reluctant Readers
Educators are working to help grow confident readers and assist struggling ones. In this Spotlight, learn about how writing practices can improve reading skills, how educators are boosting reading comprehension, and what classroom methods educators are using to grow readers.

Digital Reading and Literacy
As the nation enters an unprecedented digital learning era due to COVID-19, the need to examine digital reading and literacy becomes more crucial. In this Spotlight, learn about ways educators can use ed-tech in English classes, how online reading has changed, and how teachers are maintaining reading practices during the pandemic.


Map: Kindergarten Participation
Three-fourths of the nation's kindergartners attend full-day programs. Click the map to find enrollment numbers for your state.

Data: Kindergartners Enter More Ready in Math and Literacy, Researchers Say
Kindergarten students in 2010 started school with more math and literacy skills than kindergartners did just 12 years earlier. What changed in that time?


Quiz Yourself: Social-Emotional Learning and Student Health
What are the biggest challenges to and statistics surrounding student health and social-emotional learning?

Quiz Yourself: Science of Reading
How do children learn to read, how are educators teaching early reading, and how do digital devices and print text affect reading skills differently?


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Thousands of Washington’s kindergartners haven’t shown up or logged in to their public schools this year.
October 8, 2020 – McClatchy-Tribune
As cases of COVID-19 continue to grow, parents around the country are struggling with whether to send their child to kindergarten this fall. Some say they won't.
July 7, 2020 – Education Week
While remote distance learning has presented challenges in every subject and grade level, some teachers and researchers say that early reading instruction is especially problematic.
June 10, 2020 – Education Week
Even during the coronavirus pandemic, early-childhood education must go on, writes preschool director Caroline Diaz. But it requires some big changes in thinking.
April 17, 2020 – Education Week
We must make sure our students' needs are met, and that they know they are safe, writes teacher Justin Minkel.
March 24, 2020 – Teacher
Schools need to help students develop a healthier relationship with time, writes researcher Brad Aeon.
February 26, 2020 – Education Week
We must bridge the early gaps in education, health, and social services to give every child a chance to thrive, writes David Jacobson.
February 5, 2020 – Education Week
The District of Columbia trailed behind most of the country in 2008 in offering students a chance for success. It's now No. 7, the nation’s most improved in that time.
January 22, 2020 – Education Week
Scaling back small-group instruction could promise dramatic improvements in literacy, argues Mike Schmoker.
November 27, 2019 – Education Week
The multi-age grouping approach is seen as a key feature of personalized learning, but the jury is still out on its impact on academic achievement.
November 6, 2019 – Education Week

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