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Unwrapping the Gifted

Tamara Fisher was a K-12 gifted education specialist for a school district located on an Indian reservation in northwestern Montana and past president of the Montana Association of Gifted and Talented Education. This blog is no longer being updated, but you can continue to explore these issues on edweek.org by visiting our related topic pages: gifted education.

Education Opinion Medical Misdiagnosis in the Gifted
Tamara Fisher interviews three experts about the individual and societal impacts of medical misdiagnosis of gifted youth.
Tamara Fisher, September 4, 2013
11 min read
Education Opinion 'Same' and 'Equal' Are Not Congruent Terms
All students have equal value as learners, which is why Tamara Fisher contends they each are worthy of the dignity of an education that fits them. For teachers, this means understanding the fine distinction between 'same' and 'equal.'
Tamara Fisher, August 24, 2013
6 min read
Education Opinion Obstacles as a Path to Creativity
Concerned that research evidence indicates a decline in children's creativity, Tamara Fisher offers insights, resources, and ideas for nurturing creative thought in our homes and classrooms.
Tamara Fisher, August 15, 2013
4 min read
Education Opinion Free Webinars About Parenting Gifted Children
Are you parenting a gifted child? These free webinars offer insights, advice, and information to support you in that journey!
Tamara Fisher, July 17, 2013
3 min read
Education Opinion Student Feedback Regarding Independent Learning Projects
Tamara's students share their reflective feedback on the independent learning project process they underwent in her class.
Tamara Fisher, July 3, 2013
6 min read
Education Opinion The Gift of Independent Learning Projects
What happens when gifted students who live over 150 miles apart have an opportunity to interact, share, and reflect upon a common learning experience?
Tamara Fisher, June 18, 2013
5 min read
Education Opinion In Appreciation
Tamara Fisher sends out her gratitude to teachers everywhere who have mastered the art of challenging the gifted learner.
Tamara Fisher, May 28, 2013
5 min read
Education Opinion Picture This
Via photos, Tamara Fisher illustrates fun, thought-provoking, and heartwarming moments from her classroom.
Tamara Fisher, May 6, 2013
3 min read
Education Opinion 'Ten Ways Gifted Education Has Helped Me'
Last week, on a bit of a lark, I wrote something on the whiteboard in each of my "classrooms," then waited to see if the kids would notice and what, if anything, they would contribute. Below are the results. (Multiple kids added to each list, so there's an occasional repeat within a list.)
Tamara Fisher, March 24, 2013
3 min read
Education Opinion An Administrator's Toolbox for Gifted Education
Reaching busy administrators with quality, quick-access information about gifted learners just got easier!
Tamara Fisher, March 3, 2013
2 min read
Education Opinion Join the Gifted Education Outreach Corps
Gifted Education Specialist Tamara Fisher is on a mission... and she wants you to join her!
Tamara Fisher, February 10, 2013
4 min read
Education Opinion Upcoming Gifted Education Webinars
Are you looking for an easily-accessible and free or reasonably priced way to gather research-based information about gifted learners? These webinars in the coming weeks, many of them presented by widely-recognized experts in the field, are a fabulous option. Additionally, if you can't watch one "live," in most cases registration allows you to access it after-the-fact at a later time.
Tamara Fisher, January 28, 2013
5 min read
Education Opinion Advice for New Gifted Education Specialists
Tamara Fisher calls upon her nearly two decades of experience as a Gifted Education Specialist to offer insightful advice for those new to the job.
Tamara Fisher, January 14, 2013
12 min read
Education Opinion To a Bright Kid With Trouble(s)
Gifted Education Specialist Tamara Fisher pens a poignant letter to troubled bright kids who may be contemplating the worst.
Tamara Fisher, December 15, 2012
7 min read