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The State of Teaching: Videos From Inside America's Classrooms

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As part of the inaugural edition of The State of Teaching, Education Week captured videos of the experiences of three teachers fielding a busy day in their classrooms. Plus, watch teachers in each state offer a window into their own lives.

Teaching Profession Video Nonstop From Classroom to Classroom, an ESOL Teacher's Day
This ESOL teacher moves from room to room throughout the day, working with students from kindergarten through 5th grade.
Teaching Profession Video From School Lockdown to 'Business as Usual': A Teacher's Day
From an unexpected school lockdown to building students' confidence in science, it's "business as usual" for this Arizona high school teacher.
1 min read
Special Education Video Inside an Inclusive Classroom: How Two Teachers Work Together
This model for inclusive education benefits students of all abilities, and the teachers instructing them.
1 min read

Hear From Teachers Across the Country

Teaching Profession Video How a Moment of Recognition Rejuvenated This Alabama Teacher
Kenisha Gage, an elementary school teacher in Huntsville, Ala., shares the highs and lows of her career as an educator.
1 min read
Teaching Profession Video Teaching 'My Friends' Kids': An Alaska Educator With Deep Community Ties
This Alaska educator now teaches at the elementary school she once attended. It's a position ripe with rewards, and some challenges.
1 min read
Teaching Profession Video Former Student Becomes a Colleague to Arizona Teacher: 'It Has Come Full Circle'
This Arizona music teacher has built connections within his community, but seeing a former student become a teacher is his greatest reward.
1 min read
Teaching Profession Video ‘Teachers Make All Other Professions Possible’: This Educator Shares Her Why
An Arkansas educator offers a message on overcoming the hard days—and focusing on the why.
1 min read