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Higher Ed’s Role In Creating An Oversupply Of Under-Qualified Teachers

By Alexander Russo — October 25, 2007 1 min read
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Here the Economist details the struggles of various countries to improve public education and change the large variations in how much students learn, focusing in on a recent McKinsey recommendation that nations change the way they select teachers (How to be top). I know, McKinsey. And yes, other countries. I hate that stuff too. But there’s some worthwhile thinking in there, much as I hate to admit it. If education programs attract the bottom third of college students, and universities accept and train them regardless of need, the built-in limitations are obvious. Of course, reining in universities, much less the ed schools, has proven difficult if not impossible for lawmakers to do. It’s much easier to muck around in K12 and ignore the role of higher ed in all this. Via Eduwonk, I think.

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